A few words about us

AITBOL SRL was established in 2010 as a software development company specialising in the telecommunications field. Built around a team with previous experience working for a multinational mobile operator, we started working in VAS, SMS and MMS solutions. As the team grew over time, we successfully delivered products for both large and medium sized clients encompassing signalling, OSS/BSS, CRM, VoIP and more.

More recently, as a strategic move, we have started working in mobile software development. Years of experience in efficient backend systems written in C++ and Java, translated nicely into carefully crafted mobile applications. At AITBOL we encourage innovation and constant learning, we are always looking for new technologies that can help us achieve great results for us and our clients.

We are headquartered in downtown Cochabamba, Bolivia. serving a client base in Latin America, the United states and Europe.

Our vision

Our vision is to become market leader by consistently exceeding our customer's expectations; providing the best solutions of software and telecommunications using high quality technology.

We are continually learning about new technologies, in order to improve our products and services and keep abreast of technology developments, no matter how complex, to ensure our customers always have the best tools available.