Telecommunications software development

At AITBOL we specialise in telco, we have had the opportunity to work on projects both large and small. Our work encompasses the following areas.

Business support

CRM systems help you manage your client base and prevent losses, We can deliver a wide range of solutions, including:

  • Billing systems and Online Charging
  • Customer Provisioning
  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Business rule engines
  • Custom applications


We have extensive knowledge of legacy and new generation networks, including:

  • Radius Authentication
  • Diameter gateways
  • TCAP, MAP, CAMEL applications
  • SIP gateways and

Voice and messaging

Value added services are great drivers for revenue generation, we can help you leverage your network to its full potential:

  • IVR systems
  • VoIP solutions
  • SMSC and MMSC systems
  • SMPP gateways
  • USSD systems
  • Custom VAS applications

Operational support

We can help you with your day to day operations. If you're an an MVNO, there is nothing better than having knowledgeable IT people in your side:

  • Network monitoring systems
  • Alarm and notification systems
  • Traffic reporting
  • 24/7 monitoring services

Enterprise and web

  • JavaEE web applications
  • SOAP/RESTful web services
  • HTML5, JQuery, JavaScript applications
  • Cloud computing

Database solutions

  • BigData technologies
  • Relational & NoSQL databases
  • Data clustering and replication

Mobile Application Development

Our newest field of expertise is certainly no less important.
We subscribe to the software craftsmanship manifesto and strongly believe in well-crafted, beautiful looking, easy-to-use software. If you share this passion we can help you build quality applications for Android and iOS.