Besides offering a knowledgeable team with great experience, these are other reason why we think you'd like to work with us.

We are team players

Our clients value our input in a day to day basis, we understand that there is no value in being the silent team member. We like to be an important part of any team, embrace their projects as our own's, be participative, provide feedback and step up when needed.

We are nearshore

Our main office in Cochabamba, Bolivia is in the same timezone as the US east coast. Having your team in the office at the same hours greatly increases interaction and working relationships, while at the same time enables you to reduce risks associated to cultural differences.

If you want to know more about why distance matters, we invite you to read the excellent paper by Erran Carmel and Pamela Abbott on this topic here.

We speak english

All of our staff is able to effectively communicate in english. We regularly interact with people in the US or other english-speaking countries. Chat? live meetings? phone calls? Not a problem.

We can help you be cost-effective

Finding the right people with the right skills in your area can be challenging and costly which may lead to compromises in product quality. With our help you can eliminate that risk. Due to comparative low and stable cost of living, we can provide you with quality engineering at a fraction of the cost.

Our approach

We believe that the success of any project starts with a clear approach towards achievable goals. In AITBOL we adhere to the best practices and processes of modern software development.

Requirements gathering

This is when the project is laid out on the table, we are big fans of open dialog and continuous communication with our clients. This normally happens over live meetings. We will work on requirements up until a point we feel we get a good grasp of our client's needs.


We will work designing the product. At this point we will use all of our previous experience and technical know-how in order to produce a best-in-class solution. Also, we like to ask feedback as this help us with early problem detection.


We like to pay attention to user interfaces, Whether mobile or enterprise. Having a clear picture of them early on, greatly enhances productivity as there are defined end-user goals. At this point, our clients also have the opportunity to pass the designs to the appropriate people, thus encouraging timely changes.


An early product release is important for our clients. It helps them gain a clear picture of the development times and working style. It is also important to us, because we like to tackle most major roadblocks by this time, so our final development goes on smoothly.


We believe in custom tailored solutions, During the development phase we will make sure all bases are covered and the solution completely meets our clients needs. We exercise professional coding and testing practices which produce reliable time estimates and accountable work hours.

Acceptance testing

At the end of the lifecycle, our clients and us jointly evaluate the solution piece by piece. Only when the solution is adequate, usable and performant we give the final sign off.